When it comes to packaging design principles, we could discuss the balance between form and function until we’re pink in the face.

But without eye-catching graphic design, the function of your packaging means nothing.

You could produce the most practical, green-friendly, cost efficient package. But if it’s visually uninspired, your target will remain unaware of the many benefits your product has to offer.

Make Your Brand the Star of the Show

Whether you’re packaging clothing, toys, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, or IT accessories, you need your packaging to separate your product from its over-saturated market.


Clearly feature your brand logo without it dominating the package design, and use minimalist yet engaging graphics for your imaging. Potential consumers will visualize the benefits of your product before it touches their shopping cart.

Ensure the text colour blends with the overall design of the packaging. And don’t waste words. Consumers only want the essential information. If your target has to read overly self-indulgent, pointless copy about your product, they’ll go with the brand that tells them what they need to know instead.

How Pet Rock makes itself a “Leading Man”

pet-rock-product-packaging-designJust because your copy should be sparse, doesn’t mean it can’t show your flare for creativity and wit.

The design and copy on the packaging for the “Pet Rock” doesn’t waste words. The text is clear and clever. It successfully parodies itself by acting as though the rock is an actual pet, speaking directly to its quirky target audience.

Reward potential customers for reading your packaging with information they need to know, or with fun copy they’ll enjoy and remember, like the “Pet Rock” does. When packaging copy shows you know your target, it makes it interactive, and people are bound to take notice.

Short Run Packaging is Like a Dress Rehearsal

When you’re a smaller business, your budget for any form of marketing is tight.

Even the smallest mishap in your product packaging design can render your entire, expensive run useless, draining your entire budget. Now, you’re stuck with generic cardboard boxes as your fallback option.

Or, you could utilize cost-effective, short run packaging to ensure you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

No job is too small when it comes to short runs. You’re gifted the flexibility of designing as little as one proof to see how it turns out, before you make important branding decisions. This can save budding businesses and entrepreneurs significant resources and time.

Other short run packaging benefits include:

  • Ease in redesigning the next brand generation
  • Personalization with variable data printing
  • Fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • Higher savings
  • True, tangible proof approvals before production

Remember: when quantity drops, the quality doesn’t have to follow suit!

The Fifth Colour has fully automated the conventional print packaging process, giving customers full control to design & manage their packaging projects. With a focus on short runs, we eliminate many delays and costs associated with traditional printing, allowing us to offer faster turnaround times, and no minimums on packaging orders.

We provide convenient, cost-effective, short-run packaging that doesn’t compromise quality – design your product packaging proof online today!

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