For smaller brands, product packaging represents one of the trickiest logistics to overcome when releasing a new product.

You want to create something that is first and foremost going to protect your product. But at the same time, you want packaging that’s going to stand out from the pack.

You’ll also want to consider the best suited method of production. Should you go for the latest digital process or the traditional offset process? And what about the initial order volume, or the potential costs of design changes demanded from various distributors and retail outlets?

Obviously, we’re talking about a lot of different variables. To narrow your focus and direct your efforts towards what’s really important, we have a few tips for product packaging that almost anyone can benefit from.

Small Brand Packaging Design Tips

Optimizing the packaging for your product is going to come down to your own creativity. However, you can filter that creativity through some inspirational suggestions. To that end, consider the following:

  • Think about the marriage between form and function: Your packaging needs to do more than protect your product, although that is obviously important. Your package also needs information that will educate the consumer with everything they need to know about your product. Custom boxes can combine packaging that is designed to protect your product, with something that will inform and engage the consumer at first glance.
  • Rigid or folding carton: Product packaging essentially comes down to two possibilities. You can opt for rigid packaging, or you can go with the benefits of folding carton. Which one is right for you? In many cases, folding cartons are a flexible, viable option. It can work with a variety of packaging in various situations. You can save a considerable amount of money on transportation, manufacturing, and storage, too.
  • Get creative: High-quality, creative packaging sends a very direct, profound message to the consumer. It tells them that you care about your product. It also tells them that you put just as much thought into the packaging as you put into the product itself. People will respond to this. Look at products similar to yours. Try to draw inspiration from some of the creative examples you come across.
  • Be strategic and straightforward: In addition to your logo, the packaging needs to give people all the important information associated with your product. You may want to consider hiring a branding professional. These individuals can help you go beyond logos, and start thinking about taglines, colors, fonts, any relevant symbols, patterns, texture, visuals, and everything else that will complete your packaging product. You’ll want to employ a certain measure of strategy as well, in terms of how you bring these design elements together. At the same time, you also want to be as straightforward and concise as possible. With product packaging, the last thing in the world you’d want to do is overwhelm the consumer with more information than necessary.
  • Where is the product being sold?: You must be mindful of where your products are going to wind up. If you are only selling your products online, then you want to focus on providing your customers with a memorable unboxing experience. It’s important to utilize every touch point to impress and wow your customers through the selection of packaging and deliberate presentation of your products. If your products are looking to make their way into brick-and-mortar locations, like grocery stores, cafes, or shops of any kind, then your packaging will need to address how it’s going to look. Is it going to be stacked? Hung from something? Is it going to stand upright?

These are five simple things you can keep in mind. You will also want to devote a certain amount of thought toward outside advice. Many print vendors are willing to provide resources and ideas for free, or at a reasonable fee in exchange of the potential order.

If you are operating on a shoe-string budget, consider asking friends and family for their suggestions. Don’t be afraid to test your ideas on them either. Try to go after the kind of people you want to appeal to with your products to begin with.

When it comes to coming up with an approach to product packaging that will give you desired results, you need to take control of the process. And the best way to do that it is by partnering with the right custom package printer. Ordering your custom packaging through a reputable company that has both digital and offset capabilities is ultimately going to be your best bet!

The 5th Colour takes every factor into consideration, in addition to the five tips we’ve mentioned here today. We ensure every aspect of your product package works in coherence with your product, from the appearance and materials, to the messaging and structure.

Contact us today to learn more about out product packaging design philosophy!

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