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State-of-the-Art Digital Printing and Laser Cutting Technologies

As print jobs become more complex and deadlines tighten, the demand for performance and consistency in printing and cutting equipment grows with it. The solution is an all-encompassing digital workflow. We recognize our consumer’s digital printing needs.

That’s why we’ve invested in the latest digital printing and cutting technologies and equipment to set the standard in quality and flexibility for packaging printing. You won’t find a short run packaging service as efficient, affordable, and adaptable as ours!

Printing Capabilities

The Fifth Colour’s state-of-the-art packaging printing equipment not only produces quality, but produces it fast. Make-ready times are minimized. Paper waste is reduced. Lead times are chopped down.

Our five-colour printers aren’t limited to select printing mediums either. They’re capable of colouring a spectrum of materials including uncoated, matte and metallic stock, synthetics, textures, plastics, and more.

To complement our printer’s CMYK palette, we can add clear or white colours to highlight point-of-purchase displays, logos, or product images on your packaging design to make your message pop.

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Us vs. The Competition

In addition to delivering the pinnacle of printing performance and excellence, our advanced printing equipment significantly saves on resources – savings we pass on to you.

Our printing equipment and technology allows us to

  • Eliminate Printing Plates: We’ve gone on all-in with the digital sphere; our fully-digital workflow eliminates all tooling charges. Shifting to digital printers allows us to forgo the use of printing plates, which can save you hundreds of dollars. Lead times are improved with this time-staking process removed from the short run printing process.
  • No Need for Toolings: Once again, our digital press has automated this part of the process – it’s a thing of the past!

Our Advantages

Take a Tour of Our Printing Equipment!

Want a sneak-peek of what our cutting-edge printing equipment can really do? Check out the short run packaging teaser below!

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