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Design Your Own Custom Packaging

You don’t need a background in packaging design to create the perfect product packaging. Browse through our online catalogue of modern, leading-edge packaging design templates to use, or inspire your own creativity.

Even our most discerning customers have no trouble finding an affordable custom packaging design that’s right for their product!

Packaging Solutions

Defining the precise dimensions – or the shape and size of your product packaging – is one of the crucial foundations of packaging. The packaging design should be attractive, but maintain the basic functionality of keeping the product in perfect condition until the consumer opens it up.

Our design templates can be tailored to any product dimensions, from polished retail packaging to appetizing food packaging. The Fifth Colour’s creative packaging solutions ensures your custom packaging is both secure and serviceable for your consumers.

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Work with Our Packaging Designer

Looking for something completely original for your unique product? If you don’t find a template that speaks to your business, our packaging designer will work with you to craft the ideal custom box structure you’ve envisioned.

Our packaging designer will guide you through the entire process, from concept, to design, to the print packaging itself, finishing with the packaging’s mechanics. While the design of your custom box structure isn’t the most exciting feature of your new product, your consumers will appreciate opening their purchase intact.

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Whether you settle for one of our packaging design templates, or create one of your own, our creative packaging solutions can manage the logistics. Work with our packaging designer to ensure your product is in perfect condition on arrival!

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