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Smart And Creative By Design

Bringing your printed packaging design to life isn’t easy, especially if you’re a creative mind with an eye for the extraordinary.

You may know exactly how you want your product packakaging to look, but don’t have the graphic design resources to move from concept to creation.

Create Stunning Graphic Designs with Our team of designers

The Fifth Colour’s team of graphic designers share your passion for unique packaging design, and are experts at bringing your vision to fruition.

We don’t need much more than a brief to get to work. Even just a few logos, colour suggestions, or maybe just some text will quickly grow into a completely original and suitable packaging design for your product. We’ve turned countless napkin scribbles into full colour digital proofs or 3-D digital mock-ups.  Using our 3-D preview tool, you can see your custom design come to life.

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How We’re Different

What differentiates our graphic design process from everyone else is we won’t just provide a visual design, but a tangible representation of your printed packaging as well. Because our model focuses on short run packaging, crafting a one-off prototype you can touch and feel is easy. It will be an exact representation of your finished product rather than a scaled-down proof, so there won’t be any surprises with the end design.

Our Advantages

Ready to start developing your product packaging’s graphic design? Our team can take a logo, a few colours, and maybe some text, and transform them into functional proofs of your packaging design. See what we can create for you.

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