Laser Die Cutting

Cut Through The Clutter With Laser Die Cutting

From the smallest, intricately designed business card to the heaviest, densest carton board, The Fifth Colour’s laser die-cutter cuts with unrivaled precision. Located at home in our facility, our laser cutting and creasing equipment gives us complete autonomy over quality control. Our laser cutting technology allows us to eliminate cutting die and tooling charges, cost savings we can pass on to our customers.

Since we can eliminate the making of custom dies, the turnaround time from printing to cutting your job can be done within hours of it coming off the press. The digital die cutter automates many steps throughout the die cutting process, minimizing lead times and maximizing accuracy, flexibility, and affordability.

Due to the nature of laser cutting, some edges and corners of your order may show slight discoloration.

Experience the Difference in Digital Die Cutting

You can notice the difference between a material that’s been machine die cut and one that’s been digitally cut immediately. Compare these traditionally die-cut pieces to our digital die cutting work we’ve done for past clients.

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From impossibly intricate cuts to slicing through the densest of materials, our digital die cutter performs with consistent precision and accuracy. The cuts and edges to style your custom packaging are guaranteed to be pinpoint perfect!

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