We offer a variety of digital printing and short run packaging services through our automated website. Some of the print lingo we use is second nature to us, but may be terms you’re unfamiliar with. Browse through our FAQ to find the answers to any queries you may have regarding our printing services, product packaging, packaging solutions, or The Fifth Colour’s philosophy.

When entering delivery details, please ensure a person will be available at the address to sign for the goods during standard business hours Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Turnaround Times:
Turnaround times refer to production only excluding shipping time, and it starts from the time the approval is given.  Orders must be uploaded and approved by 10:00 AM Monday to Friday.

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday
Customer Services: 8 AM to 5 PM EST
Local Pickup: 8 AM to 5PM EST

What is the wait time for getting an order completed?
For a General Print job, like flyers or brochures, it would be 3 to 5 business days. For a Point of Sale print job, it would be 5 to 7 business days, and for Packaging you would have it in 10 to15 business days.

Do you use the types of paper and boards that are friendly to the environmentally?
Yes, we are very environmentally conscious and offer a broad range of papers and boards that are considered “green.” Whatever environmental standards you have set, we can provide the right paper and/or board to meet those requirements.

What would your minimum order be for cartons?
We have a minimum order quantity of 500 cartons.

Can we order from your inventory of stock cartons?
No. We specialize in custom orders so we carry no stock cartons currently.

What are your cartons made of?
The cartons we produce are made of the type of cardboard found in cosmetic packaging or used for breakfast cereals.

Does this mean you do not make any type of corrugated cartons?
Yes, that’s correct.  We do not provide corrugated packaging currently.

Is shipping included in your quote?
No. Shipping is extra.

Why are you charging me for shipping and processing?
What we’ve discovered is when we charge absolutely nothing for “Instant die line” or for shipping and processing, people take advantage of us. It’s too easy for a person to order multiple times using different names, just to get more “Instant die line”.

This small charge helps reduce fraud and waste, so we can offer die lines to every single person that’s legitimately needs them. We’re happy to provide die lines and just get reimbursed for our shipping and processing.

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