‘tis the season of giving, and the perfect Christmas packaging can create those festive feelings of happiness, warmth, and charm – before your recipient opens the package to see you got them a framed photo of yourself.

While we can’t help with your questionable gift judgement, we can help you design jolly, thoughtful product packaging for the holidays.

Here are three red-ribbon-and-tartan-pattern-free packaging design tips:

Stay True to Your Brand

Thinking outside the box is always good practice in product packaging design (so good, we’ve made it our company slogan), both literally and figuratively.


But we find that once the snow starts falling, brand identity can melt away, muddled in a hybrid package lost between your business and Christmas.

For example, you don’t need to include Christmas colours in your holiday product packaging. Combining your brand colours with classic Christmas reds & greens can clash like the celebrated ugly Christmas sweater. Instead, subtle additions, like intricately die-cut snowflakes and Christmas trees, can add holiday spirit without losing your brand identity or message.

You can toy with your packaging as much as you’d like, but remember, your consumers must be able to recognize your brand after it’s been, uh, Christmas-ized.

Give Gifts

christmas-graphic-designRemember when we said we couldn’t help with your questionable gift judgment? We lied.

Everyone enjoys free gifts, and there’s no better time of year to offer tokens, trinkets, and samples to enhance the appeal of your product packaging.

It doesn’t need to be a tangible gift. Millennials are conscious shoppers, so why not make a charitable donation on their behalf when they’re buying a special edition, uniquely packaged edition of your product? You can even include the charitable cause on the packaging design itself.

This tactic can also create the perception of scarcity, built on the idea of limited holiday releases, or simply by the stunning & unique Christmas packaging or box you created. Buyers tend to keep and use the best packages and boxes even after the product is used, which keeps your brand top-of-mind!

Make a Connection

Packaging design principles aren’t thrown in Santa’s sack at Christmas. So, trends like personalized packaging are still most definitely a thing to keep around.

Personal, customized packaging – made through variable data printing, for example – can quickly create an intimate connection with the consumer. No one wants to be another number. If you go out of your way to show you’re thinking about consumers during the holidays, you’ll be gifted with their loyalty.

A charming Christmas letter alongside your packaging design, or a part of it, are small things that can make a big impact. Adding behind-the-scenes details or photos about your company’s holiday festivities creates a relatable, ‘one-of-us, one-of-us’ feeling of comrade.

There’s no better time than the holidays to think about the opportunities seasonal winter branding & new packaging can add to your brand. A refresh of your product packaging for Christmas will connect with buyers’ nostalgia – just be true to the season, and be true to your brand.

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